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About Us

Find out a little more about about us below.


Our Story

Godwit Ministries was initiated by Pastor David Kowalick in 2013 as a resourcing ministry to teach church pastors and leaders in regions where theological training and resources are scarce. Since that time David has been making regular trips from his home in South Australia, to India and Papua New Guinea every year, except during 2020-22 due to Covid travel restrictions. Godwit currently has opportunities in many other countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Nepal.

There are countless church pastors in these areas who are faithfully leading large growing congregations, but who feel inadequately trained. In many cases these pastors have as little as two weeks of theological training under their belt and no way of accessing books or input to help them. This is the norm rather than the exception for most cases.

Ministry in these areas can be challenging. But it’s all worth it when seeing the impact that a clearer vision of the Kingdom of God has on these pastors and leaders, who are then equipped to take it to the believers in their congregations and church networks.

During the disruption caused by Covid-19 in 2020-21 David was unable to minister in-person in these international settings, and so he and the Godwit board began looking at alternate ways to continue the ministry, particularly looking at utilising opportunities provided by online platforms such as YouTube.

Who We Are

Godwit Board

Godwit Ministries is a registered Not-For-Profit organisation in Australia overseen by a board, which currently consists of six people from diverse backgrounds and skills. The board provides prayerful, administrative, financial, and prophetic oversight to the ministry.



David Kowalick

Our resident Bible teacher is David who is also the founder and director of Godwit Ministries. He is an ordained minister with 30 years in full-time ministry in church, mission, and Bible-college contexts. He is also an experienced comic artist and professional birdwatcher. David is married to Catherine, and they have four adult children. In addition we also co-opt other Bible-teachers from time-to-time for specialised teaching on various subjects.

The Meaning of the Name, ‘Godwit’

The name, ‘Godwit,’ means “the knowledge of God” or “God knows.” It is the name of a migratory wading bird that travels from the Arctic Circle to the most remote places in the southern hemisphere, and back again, precisely relocating and returning to these same sites year after year―even if their home is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, it was believed that these birds must have the wit of God that enabled them to relocate their old stamping grounds. Likewise, Godwit Ministries aspires to take what can only be known through Jesus Christ to anyone, anywhere, in the world.


As discussed above, Godwit began as a travelling teaching ministry aimed as pastors and leader to help them to teach and disciple their congregations with biblical and theological clarity. Rather than sending a person, or a couple and their family, to a remote part of the world to learn the culture and language, it makes a lot more sense to send someone to engage with pastors who are already established in the culture. In the long run, this ministry can effectively touch the lives of hundreds and even thousands of people by contributing to local ministry leaders.

You can stay informed about the international requests for teaching ministry through our email subscription below. 

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